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Mysql database

Setting up MYSQL.

Download the database engine here.


From version mysql and postgress is supported.

Most of the functionality has been checked plugins still need work some of them will just work others need small adjustments.

For example purposes we use a premade sql to create a scheme in the database.

Then we use that scheme to add to osFinancials / Turbocash.

Mysql on linux? please read this topic to get a fast fix. You will need rights on the server.

Install Mysql or make sure you have access to a mysql database and create  a new scheme.


In the folder of osfinancials we can find a new program called.



Start this program and setup the login data.

Remember you need access from the machine you are working on.

Press ok to continue.


In the folder BIN/SQL/Scripts there is a file called  GEN_osf_sql_nld.sql

Open the file with notepad.

Select all and copy the data. and paste it into the top memo of the new program.

Press the run button, wait a while and then the new database should now have tables and data.


Now startup osFinancials or Turbocash.

Before opening a set of books select the add button and from the popup menu Select Set of books directory.

add the same settings as when using the ExecSQL program

Press change and open the new books.

You will see the books being updated to add missing default tables.

You now should have a working database on mysql.