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BlockChain option

Blockchain will allow you or others to verify the your data.

Using blockchain and GIT or a file compare allow external checks on your data making sure its

  • not changed
  • not deleted
  • not added

The blockchain option is introduced in version 4.0.0.z


Enable the option in data parameters


Reopen the set of books to get the first run.

you can access the Blockchain form anytime here.

if there is data to chain the list will be populated.

Press the Chain button to start chaining the data.



On checks tab there are a view features.

Check all wil repreform a Blockchain check.

Check last x wil check only last X transactions.

Check from id will check from a given transaction id.

Export for audit can export all data or from a given transaction id.

Check on close for admins will show this form on set of books closure.

Check every lets you set a period where you would only get this check once.

Chain data delay allows the default setting of the date field next to chain.

This allows the chain to only chain unlit the date so you can chain data from 1 month ago to keep the current month flexible.