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E-commerce plugin

The E-commerce plugin can link to different systems. The E-commerce plugin can for example be used to link osFinancials to your webshop. The link makes it possible to exchange data back and forward between osF and you webshop. In the tab "Read more" there is more information about the import and export possibilities.

At the moment the E-commerce plugin is available for:

  • osCommerce* (O)
  • Zen Cart (ZC)
  • Virtuemart (V)
  • X-cart (X)
  • Onestopwebshop.nl (OW)
  • Magento (M)
  • OpenCart (OC)
  • Tomato Cart (TC)
  • Presta shop (P)
* also every fork of osCommerce.

The plugin doesn't need to be downloaded. It will be activated by a code.
You will receive the code(s) and instructions through mail within two workdays after payment.

Setup cost:
Price: 170.00 EUR