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Budget Plugin

Available from build (783)

With the budget plug-in allows you to easily enter budgets for accounts, cost centers and projects.
In osFinancials and TurboCASH5 reports you can create different views of this.
Do you have a budget-driven organization and you need to quickly budgets vs. realization can understand?
Do you want to combine the ease of entering budgets with solid accounting package with stock (inventory) records?


NGO NPO Foundations and associations

For non-profit organizations an non-government foundations and associations, this plugin is suitable to enter budgets of various accounts quickly and get the budget totals a good picture.
Through the use of cost centers and possibly projects can be obtained insight as to what still
is available for the specific item in the budget.



Activate the Budget Plugin on the Setup -> Tools -> Plugins-> Financial tools ->Drilldown.

 On the Drill down main screen, select Register budgets.


 Click on the X (close button on the titlebar).

 Open the Set of Books again. The Budget icon will be available on the Action ribbon. 

  Use the Plugin

 Select Budget on the Action ribbon.

Select a period and click on the Refresh button.

You can easily enter budgets or copy budget or actual transactions from a previous period.
The key is to remove everything clean. All budgets (via right mouse button on the Copy button to copy data from a previous period realized (actual) or budgets.

You can select a range with your mouse cells and assign it to an amount or percentage.
The amount is added or subtracted from the selection.
With the Percenatge tick, you can apply a percentage. 110 increases, for example all amounts by 10%


After closing the Budget plugin, all Reports in the T-Account analyser, Budgets vs actual, Budgets in the Trial balance, Income statement, Balance sheet, as well as the T-Account viewer, and the Budget vs Actual 3 periods in the Reports -> Ledger menu on the Reports ribbon) will be updated with the new figures as entered or processed using the Budget plugin.