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multiuser installation (windows) - Testing of the connection with FlameRobin

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Testing of the connection with FlameRobin

This is a optional feature and is not needed for osFinancials / TurboCASH to work correct.

But it does serve as a good way to test connections with the database.
The installation file, flamerobin.exe, is also in the osFinancials / TurboCASH installation folder.

Add a new server if you are on the client machine (you also need the client install of Firebird for this) of just use localhost if flame is running on the server.

  1. Start FlameRobin and click on Home.

  2. Using the right mouse button, select the Register server... option from the context menu.

  3. Enter the following:

    1. Display name: - Enter an arbitrary name to recognize the server with and in the “Hostname” the IP-address of the server.

    2. Hostname: - Enter the IP-address (as found in the previous step using ipconfig).

    3. Port number: - Leave this field empty (default).

  4. Using the right mouse button, you can now select Register existing database... from the context menu on the newly added server. The next screen is displayed:

  5. Enter the following:

    1. Display name: - Enter the name you want to use for this particular set of books

    2. Database path: - Enter the full server path to the books.fdb

    3. Username: - Default username is sysdba

    4. Password: - Default password is masterkey.

  6. Click on the Save button and double-click on the added database. The database tables should now be reflected.

  7. You may click on the tables in the list to see the data of your Set of Books.

  8. If there is no connection problems you just successfully tested the database connection.