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Document email pro plugin Newsletter

With this plugin you can see all documents by email.
And then use this self predetermining (html or plain text) layout.
You can define an unlimited number of layouts.
During the creation of the email there is also an option to add additional text entry specifically for this customer / email (s).
Email template, the email data set separately.
This example is useful if you have multiple email addresses, email addresses or multiple returns.
Also use with smtp server with password access.

The newsletter also lets you have the possibility to retrieve recipients from osFinancials to create a (HTML) newsletter or other information to send.
You also have the E-Commerce plugin you can also take advantage of users from your shop or CRM system.

With the right mouse button click on the email to document (eg invoice or quotation).
In the popup window that appears gives you a document layout (eg invoice or quotation which is sent as a pdf attachment) on.
And in the second selection field of the email template that the email body text.
After this comes in the shipping screen, where you also can specify additional text not included in the template condition.
There is a potential for a preview in the browser to display, and a trial version maillen to the cc / bcc email address.
After actually send the "printed" on a display to be put.

The plug-ins do not need to be downloaded these are already present in osF.
You will receive an email with the code (s) and instructions to send you the plugin (s) unlocked.
This is done with the push of a button from osF
This will be within one working day after receipt of the payment made.

Price: 170.00 EUR