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Membership-Subcription plugin

Do you have any recurring bills for example for your association with annual or monthly fee?
The Membership-Subcription plugin can easily set your subcriptions. The dues are set by debtor (member) and is entirely up to fill your own wishes.
Each member may indicate:

  • One or more product (s) / service (s) that are being taken
  • The interval of the membership fee (per year / month / two months or a private arrangement)
  • Fill out a warning period, indicating that the contribution within the regular number of days expires
           eg 31 days for billing date
  • A different contractual relation, the factuatieperiode (eg an annual fee that is billed monthly)

    Also, you can:

    • Select the document you want to create (an offer or invoice)
    • See when the next billing date will be.
    • See when was the last billing date.
    • Automatically send an email with the corresponding bill
    • Easy search which debtors decrease certain produten / services.

      The plug-in need not be downloaded, but is activated by a code.
      You will, after purchase, sent to you within two working days the code (s) and instructions by e-mail.

Price: 210.00 EUR