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osFinancials 5.0.0.c


  • Old Passwords longer than 8 characters was not trimmed so it would compare the long password with the one that is just 8 chars.
  • Column balance was not putting out the right data for some clients ( data on end of month )
  • Switch language was giving strange translation results.
  • Repeating transactions was giving AV.
  • Usertab mode in access control was still allowing other tabs ( now hidden)
  • If auto refresh was on the list in stock was resetting.

Added / Changed

  • New osf5 helpfile from Digidan.
  • New Spreadsheet based export.
  • New Spreadsheet sales import.
  • Added more functions to the Spreadsheet component like lookup accountcode and printing.
  • Added functions to skip lines and link on bank accounts or email address for debtors creditors.


  • Bankimport right mouse menu was missing
  • Dutch tax plugin : Converted the wrong one (old) with a wrong memory manager so it was giving AV.


Use the Zip if the installer does not work on your operating system.

Unpack and make a shortcut to accounting.exe