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Installation instructions

Step-by-step installation instructions


Step-by-step how to make use of osFinancials.

  1. Click on the button on our homepage: "Full installation osF".

  2. You will be redirected to the "Sourgeforge" website where osFinancials will be downloaded. Choose "Run" or "Save".

  3.  After the download, osFinancials can be installed. If you have chosen "Run", the installation will automatically follow the download. Follow the steps for the installation.

  4. osFinancials is automatically installed on your C drive. If you still want osF on another disk, keep in mind that with Windows Vista / 7/8, rights are used and that this can cause problems when installing in the "Program files" folder.

  5. osFinancials can be started after the installation. Select "Run as Administrator" from the selection menu. It may be that your virus scanner requires you to trust the Internet connection. We recommend to allow this connection. This connection is used for the passing of news, but is also used when registering. (For Windows Vista and 7, right-click the osFinancials icon to run it as an administrator.)

  6. If you register after the start-up, an account is immediately created for you. Click on the "Start" tab in the osFinancials program, then click on the "Register" button. The registration page of our website is opened. Enter your (company) data. Your registration gives you immediate access to our forum and our webshop. Click here for more information on registration.

    First of all, create your own administration (and possibly also your own test administration). Working in a sample administration has the risk that the administration can be overwritten in the case of a complete installation instead of an update. You can create a new administration via the "Start => Administration"

  7. For more manuals/product, look at the list below: 
    - FAQ
    - Forum 
    - Complete manual osFinancials (product)
    - Adjust your invoice layout (manual)
    - Working with several people at the same time (product)
    - Our webshop for several product to increase your osFinancials (products)

Other operating systems:

- With a server version (2003/2008/2011) of Windows, you put the program in the DEP protection, otherwise it will not start.
- If you use Linux, you can use. Wine for Linux, install osFinancials
- If you use Apple, you can install osF under Wine for Mac, make a dual boot with a Windows version.