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Features in osFinancials

Access control and users x We support access control that allows you to create multiple users, and each user can  have different permissions. NOTE that if more than one user needs to access the set of books concurrently, then the Multi-user plugin. is required
Import of data x The program has the ability to import data (from a variety of common file formats) for stock, debtors, creditors, and general ledgers (accounts).
We also support importing data from various webshops with the use of our e-commerce plugin. Other custom data import routines can be written to update the database table with SQL. We provide this custom importing as a service if you are not able to do it yourself. We also provide a service to convert your existing data to osFinancials -  please ask for a quote here.
Import transactions x The The TXF (Tax Exchange Format) transfer format allows transactions to be imported into osFinancials. This format allows importing of documents, transactions, debtors, creditors, and stock items. We can also provide custom import routines to suit your specific needs. Please ask for a quote here.
Export x There are many built-in export options in the program. These are available as menu items from various screens within the program, allowing you to export accounts, stock, debtors, and creditors to spreadsheet files where you can edit the information and import changes.
We also have commercial plugins available such as:
* Use the E-commerce plugin to export data to various web shop formats
* Use the Freefields plugin to export to tab delimited format
* Use the plugin Auditfile. to create XML Auditfile export files (NL)
Multi-user (no support contract)   The Multi-user plugin will allow you to have multiple users working with the data at the same time. There is an annual license cost for multi-user functionality, but there is no "per seat" cost: the number of concurrent users is only limited by your computer hardware.  The annual license gives you access to all program upgrades during the license period. Once the multi-user license period expires, osFinancials reverts to single-user mode, and upgrades will no longer be available.
Support contract (including multi- user)   Our annual Support contract gives you direct access (on a fair use basis) to our team. One of our experts will be available during our regular working hours to answer your questions. NOTE that the Multi-user plugin is included as part of the support contract.

Unlimited number of administrations x In osFinancials you have no limit on the number of administrations. You can therefore create administrations (as long as the disk space allows). osF works on a USB stick so that you can easily make a working backup of your data.
Auditfile   Do you need to make an export for your accountant or the tax authorities? With the Audit file you can create a file of your basic details of your debtors, creditors, ledgers and transactions.
Ledger x You can create / adjust your ledgers yourself. You can thus create your own chart of accounts. Since there are many possibilities, you can request help from us.
Budgeting x Budgets can be entered in the ledgers. The entered budget can be divided into periods. A report of the budget allocation made can be shown via the report overview. (Reports -> Ledgers)
Cost centers x You can edit the cost centers via Settings-> Administration-> Groups. Cost centers are per line. These can be activated in a journal (with setting F10) and with the documents (see access control tab documents) in the total overview you can view the balance balance, balance and profit loss.
Consolidation   With the help of reporting, data from multiple administrations can be merged. Different overviews can be made based on our example sheet. If you need a different overview, you can ask us to make a special sheet for you.
Online banking   With osF you can easily read electronic statements. For more information consult the manual of this Bankimport plug-in.
VAT overview x A VAT overview is easy to generate through reports -> VAT. You can specify the periods for which you want to view the report.
Fixed journal entries x Through the fixed journal entry you can record repeating journals and simply call them up in a journal. You then indicate which period and any reference this processing must have and all your entered data will be ready for booking. You can also import the settings from a previous processing. This allows you to finish your work even faster.
Debtor management x osF has an easy but extensive debtor management. You can lose a lot of information about your debtors. To extend this function you can use the Freefields plugin. This allows you to create the possibility for CRM and CMS Through the report generator, the entered data are also available as reporting output and complex reports can be developed on the data entered.
Automated input address data   By means of the zip code lookup plugin and / or KVK number plugin you can automatically retrieve the address and other available data.
You pay 1 credit per successful request for name and address.
Reminders / Reminders by e-mail   With the Dunning plug-in, reminders become easier than ever. With a few clicks you can generate your reminders.
And with the new automated payment term monitoring even easier to use.
You will automatically receive a popup showing the customers to be notified.
By specifying the reminder periods, you can automate this process up to and including the reminder.

If you have the e-mail addresses of your debtors, you can send them an overview of their outstanding items. Do you use an ideal payment module in e.g. Joomla you can immediately send a link, where the relevant side can directly pay his bill. With the purchase of the Multimedia plug-in, you save this e-mail (s) (PDF) and immediately create an archive. See manual for more details
Debt collection PAIN x Via a journal you can make a debt collection run for debtors. You can import this pain file into your collection package. This plugin is the excasso variant for 75 euros inc.
Creditors management x As with debtors, osF has an easy but extensive credit management. For more information look at debtors.
Automatic payments
x Automatic payment works like collection, but vice versa. So for this function too, a debt collection run can be made via a journal, but then for your creditors. This pain file can be read into your bank package. This plugin is the collection variant for 75 euros incL VAT
Fixed assets   Through the Depreciation plugin: you can easily manage your assets. For more information see the manual.
Purchase x The basic package includes easy management of orders, purchases and return shipments. The conversion of one form of documents to another has also been done with a few clicks.
Order advice x The management of your stock is a done deal with osFinancials. By completing the order and minimum vivo, order advice is automatically given. Backorders are also included in this!
Order administration x The incoming products are (after checking) processed as purchasing. By posting the data, the stock is updated and all financial transactions are made.
Order forms x

All orders that have been made can be printed. If you use the E-mail pro plugin, you can (also) send all documents in a PDF format.

Stock x In osFinancials there is an extensive stock module where you can record a lot of things. It is also possible to link the Freefields plugin here and thus to include any data that you find important in recording your data.
Serial numbers and/or Batches and/or Locations   Through our Serial, Batches and Locations plugin it is possible to use different locations.
Compound articles x In osFinancials there are two ways to work with "composite" articles. Both articles consist of several parts. The difference lies in the adjustment of the stock. In the case of "composite items", the stock is only adjusted when the items (the composite product) are sold. In the second variant (production article), the stock is adjusted at the time of manufacture.
Sale x The basic package includes easy management (creation, editing and deletion) of quotations, invoices and credit notes. Converting one form of documents to another was done with a few clicks.
Quotation x As described above, this is standard in the package. With the E-mail pro plugin , these documents can easily be e-mailed to the right customer.
With the help of an ideal module in e.g. Joomla can also be sent a link. Your customers can then pay directly via iDEAL. The road to actual delivery is then as short and quick as possible.
Prices and discounts x In the basic package you can work with 3 standard prices and discounts per debtor. For a more complete / complex solution you can opt for the price agreement plugin. See manual for explanation
Direct invoicing x You can directly enter invoices via our POS system. For commercial POS systems you can look at the plug-ins Retail POS and HORECA POS
Statistics   You can view statistics with the graphs plug-in.
Link to the charter plugin
Periodic invoices   Ideal for fully automated processing of subscriptions (eg member invoicing, web hosting, subscriptions, support contracts, etc.)
Link to the subscription plugin
Projects x With osFinancials it is possible to do a project administration and to book your hours. There are several overviews with which you can view the bookings on a project.
Hours registration x In our calendar you can keep track of hours of registration and generate invoices.
Link webshop   Your (existing) web store is linked to osFinancials. From that moment on, data will no longer need to be typed into an accounting package.
Link naar de shop
POS system   With our POS module you can convert your computer into a cash register. This makes managing your inventory easier than ever. As you check, your inventory is updated. Also, buying on account or using a pass system is one of the options. For more information see our store.
Horeca cash system   The Horeca system has been specially developed to optimize the process of ordering, operating and paying in a catering establishment. You can record your own table layout and connect handhelds to the system. For more information see the manual.
Linking Parcelware / DPD * / * GLS / Packs *   Do you work with sending articles? With this Shipment Plug-in you can make the barcode stickers from the billing for the sender (eg TNT). Through the information exchange between osF and the software of the sender you have arranged the following:

- Shipments are automatically created in the sender's software.
- In osF the barcodes generated by the sender's software are imported and can be used directly on the print of the address sticker.

      * There are small differences among the various providers.

Linking "Senders lite"   The Parcelware lite link 

All shipments which can be traced via: the tracking site van de TNT
All shipments which can be traced via: the tracking site van DHL4YOU
E-mail documents / debtors /
  With the E-mail document plug-in you can use different e-mail templates and add a PDF document. This can be used for different purposes. From marketing e-mail to your customers to e-mailing the invoice with an iDEAL link for payment and a track and route code for a sender. For more information see manual