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Charter plugin

Introduction to the Charter plugin

The Charter plugin allows you to generate the following charts (graphs) for the data in the Set of Books:

  1. Documents – You may view the profit margin for the entire document.

  2. Stock Items – The following six (6) graphs may be generated:

    • Stock Value

    • Stock Days Value

    • Stock sales

    • Creditor Group current value

    • Creditor

    • Creditor Detail

  1. Debtor – The sales results.

Once you have generated (build) a chart, you may save it as an image file and use it in your documents (word processor, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

In addition to the charts (graphs) generated via the Charter plugin, you may also generate or produce your own graphs from the data in your Set of Books.

The following are some of the options:

  • Reports → Ledger → Graph - Profit / Loss per week
  • Reports → Debtors → Graph - Debtors per week
  • Reports → Creditors → Graph - Creditors per week

Graphs for sales documents:

  • Reports → Sales → Quotes / Invoices / Credit notes - Graph - Quotes / Invoices / Credit notes per week - Quantities
  • Reports → Sales → Quotes / Invoices / Credit Notes - Graph - Quotes / Invoices / Credit notes per week - Turnover

Graphs for purchase documents:

  • Reports → Purchases → Orders / Purchases / Supplier returns - Graph - Orders / Purchases / Supplier returns per week - Quantities
  • Reports → Purchases → Orders / Purchases / Supplier returns - Graph - Orders / Purchases / Supplier returns per week - Turnover

Other graphs

  • T-Ledger Viewer - Export data to Comma Separated Value files (*.csv) and build your own charts (graphs) from exported data.
  • DrillDown plugin - Charts of your Sales per day and Quantities per day. You may also filter and export other data and build your own charts (graphs) in spreadsheets.


This Plugin is already included in the TurboCASH / osFinancials release.

Once this Plugin is registered, the processing nag screen will be deactivated.

Commercial: Once-off payment

Order: Shop

Activate the Charter plugin

To use the Charter Plugin, it needs to be activated in each Set of Books.

Once activated and the Set of Books are reopened, it will display an icon on the Action ribbon.

It will also add tabs to the following screens for a selected account, stock item:

  • Debtor Account
  • Creditor Account
  • Stock Item

For Documents it may be launched as follows:

  • Document Entry screen - The Charter icon will be added to the Document icon bar.
  • Document List screen - The Charter option will be added to the context menu.

To Activate the Charter plugin:

  1. Click on the Setup→ Tools → Plugins → Financial tools → Charter menu. The Setup Charter screen is displayed:

  1. Click On option to activate it.

  2. Click on the Save button.

  3. Reopen the Set of Books. This will add an icon to the Action ribbon.

Launch the Charter plugin

To launch the Charter:

  1. Click on the Action → Charter menu.          
  2. Type - Select the following report types:
    • GL Debtor creditor cashflow
    • Account main digit
  3. Date from - Select the date from.
  4. Click on the Build button. The chart will be generated.
    You may adjust the looks and layout of the chart using the following options:
    • 3D - Selected (ticked) it will display the chart in a 3 dimensional view. If not selected (not ticked), it will display the Chart in a 2D (2 dimensional) view.
    • Size - Decrease the size by clicking on the minus button or increase the size by clicking on the plus button.
    • Legend - The legend is by default displayed. You may deselect it (remove the tick) to hide the legend.
    • Rotate - There are four buttons, which may be used to change or set the angles of the chart.
  5. Once you are happy with your layout, you may click on the Save as image button. This will save the chart as an image in the following two (2) file types:
    • Bitmap file (*.bmp)
    • Paintbrush Picture (*.wmf).
  6. Click on the Close button to exit (close) the Charter screen.

GL Debtor creditor cashflow

This chart type will display the totals of your sales and purchases.

 Account main digit