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Android adaptor

With the Android adaptor you can make a connection between the software that we created for android and your set of books from osFinancials / TurboCASH.

 Video (Dutch spoken)

Because of this connection you can take your stock items and customers list every where you go on your tablet / phone you can make quotes and email these to your client. You don't need any connection to create the quotes when you get home you can upload the data to yo0ur set of books using the local lan.

Minimum API level Android 11. (for instance kitkat is 19).

Installation instructions.

The plugin is already in osFinancials.


The software is available in the google store: here

There is also a manual way we also have the APK in a folder called osFinancials\android-install\osfOrdering.apk

Copy this file to your android using a stick or by connecting the device to your pc.

Open file manager and look for the file and execute the apk.

You can download a android emulator to try out the application download the SDK and start a emulator.



If you want to manual install it then follow these instruction.

Make sure the  tock unknown sources is activated



After selecting install from the store or manual executing the APK you will see the following screen.


Getting the test data

 In the main screen you have to go to setup first and get the data either test or your own data.

De default url for test data is already put in

Tick the get images tock and press import data.

There is 2 ways to look up stock by groups or just a lookup list. tick Stock group lookup if you have groups.


osfAdaptor for Android setup

 To get your data onto the android device you have to start the android plugin in osFinancials / TurboCASH this allows you to run a server on your pc that the device can connect to,.


Select open browser so a browser will open and show you your ip in your network

If the port is not available on your pc the server cannot start and you can select a free one.


Import orders

After reconnecting you can upload your orders and see them in financials.


Press check data to check to input. After check you can import using the process data button. The documents will be in Quotes.

Firewall messages

This software can trigger firewalls for the first time you start it. IF your android device gets data for the first time there will be a other firewall message then needs separate conformation.

Use the url as shown in the browser in the android app to connect to your set of books. If a password is used this must also be the same on the device and the plugin.

What if it does not work?

  • Can you see the server with the browser? No: start the server on a other poort or check firewall.
  • Can you download the default set of data?? No:Check wifi
  • Can you see the same screen on the android browser as you can see on your pc browser? No Check if the devices are in the same network or firewall is blocking the device or server.
  • If you get no data from your own set of books even after trying the tips we gave you try this
    • Adjust the file productlistSQLU.txt reanme this to productlistSQL.txt
      and edit the file to limit the stock like this SELECT a.WSTOCKID aan naar b.v. SELECT first 100 a.WSTOCKID (etc)
    • You can do the same for the other files.
    • Using a virtual device can be restricted if not executed as administrator!.