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multiuser installation (windows) - 1c Correcting the set of books on the server:

Article Index

1c Correcting the set of books on the server:

If you reopen osFinancials / TurboCASH and select the (red) set of books.

You need to press Properties to change the folder to the new serverbooks

in the field Set of Books path

we also need the name or ip of this server PC
Start CMD prompt and type ipconfig /all
Try to find the hostname or, if that is not there the ip-address

Type this information into the field "Servername".

Adding additional databases / set of books on the server:
Use the Windows Explorer to find the serverbooks folder then copy a existing folder of a set of books and change the folder name.

Start up osFinancials / TurboCASH and use the Search button. Search for your copied set of books and locate the books.fdb.

Now check all the properties as explained in section "Correcting the set of books on the server".

Set of books located on a other server then the server that was used for the installation of osFinancials / TurboCASH:
The remote access to a set of books database is always referenced from the severs point of view.

Client installation:

The easiest way is to make a share to the server on the client PC.

There is no need to install osFinancials / TurboCASH on the client PC. You can just start osFinancials / TurboCASH by making a shortcut to the executable.

Note: If you have trouble connecting make sure the port 3050 is open on both the server and client.