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Multi-user Calendar - Settings for the Calendar

Article Index

Settings for the Calendar

Set the Calendar as default

By default, the Welcome screen will be launched when opening a Set of Books. You may activate the Calendar to be displayed when opening a Set of Books.

When launching TurboCASH and you open the Set of Books, the Welcome screen will be displayed. When opening the Set of Books again, the Calendar will automatically be displayed. 

To set the Calendar as the default option when opening the Set of Books:

  1. On the Setup ribbon, select Setup → Data parameters (System parameters).                                                         
  2. Select (tick) the “Show calendar” field.
  3. Click on the OK button. This will save your setting and close (exit) the Data Parameters screen.

Access control settings

To add Users and settings for the Multi-user Calendar:

  1. On the Setup ribbpn, select Access control.                                                           
  2. Add users, if necessary.
  3. Click on the Others tab.
    • Link to calendar - The resource can also be linked to an user in the Others tab of the Setup Access control menu.
    • Edit calendar - Allow or block user to add evens, tasks, contacts, etc. to the calendar
  4. Click on the OK button.