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Multi-user Calendar - Bulk time entries

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Bulk time entries

You may create hours events for a selected debtor (customer). To do this, click on the Print button on the sidebar of the calendar and click on the Bulk time entry button.

 The process is as follows:

  1. Select a user and a timeslot on the calendar. 
  2. Projects - I you have activated projects, you may select a project.
  3. Week - This will list the days if the week or if this field is not selected, it will display the days. Enter the start and used times.
  4. Select the Stock item(s).
  5. Select the debtor (customer) account.
  6. Click on the Create entries button. A confirmation message "Entries created!" will be displayed.You may then edit the Hours event, if necessary. You need to click on the Create invoices for hours button on top of the Calendar to generate invoices. 

These Bulk time entries will be listed on the Appointment tab of the selected debtor (customer) account.