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Multi-user Calendar - Editing General and Special Dates

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Editing General and Special dates

To edit General and Special dates:

  1. Launch the Calendar, if not already displayed.
  2. Select the correct User on the tabs, if the correct user is not already selected.
  3. Click on the Edit special days button to change the colors and to add, edit or delete user dates for the selected user. You may also change the colors and to add, edit or delete days applicable to all users on the General dates tab.
  4. To select the colours, click on the Select color button.                                                              
  5. Once finished, click on the Save button.
  6. Click on the Tasks or Agenda button. The resources will be changed for the selected user.

The standard colours will be displayed. To select different shades or customise your colours, click on the Define Custom Colors button. You may drag the slider up or down, etc. to select your own color. Once you have decided upon a color, click on the Add Custom Colors button and on the OK button. This will generate and insert the color code into the Special days screen.