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Multi-user Calendar - Adding Users to the Multi-user Plugin

Article Index

Adding users to the Multi-user Agenda plugin

To add users to the Multi-user Agenda plugin:
  1. On the Action ribbon, select Calendar.
  2. Click on the add / edit button. The Resource Maintenance screen is displayed:                           
  3. Click on the button to add a user.                                                                                         
  4. Enter the name for the User. You may also add additional text for the user, if necessary.
  5. Select (tick) the Use as default for this user option.
  6. Click on the OK button to save this resource.
  7. If you need to set colours or add / edit delete special day events for the user, click on the Edit special day events button.
  8. Click on the Agenda button.
  9. Click on the Tasks button or on the TurboCASH / osFinancials tab (or any of the User tabs, if already created). This will add the new user's tab.
  10. Click on the New User's tab to view his / her agenda. An example of the Multi-user Agenda (after a few users have been added), is displayed as follows:             

Colour coding also makes it easier to identify the category of the event, when displayed in the Calendar.