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Multi-Language Plugin - Add Translations to Stock Items

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Add Translations to Stock Items

The Stock Item descriptions, as entered in the Description field of the Edit Stock Items screen, are by default displayed on document layout files.


To use multi-language Stock Descriptions, Language Groups need to be created / added in the Setup → Groups menu - Languages tab.

The translated stock item descriptions should print on layout files.

To Add Translations to Stock Items:

1. Select the Stock Item from the Stock Item List screen.

2. Click on the Edit button (or double-click on the Stock Item).

3. Click on the Languages tab.

4. Select the Language and enter the Name and Description for each language.

5. Click on the Save button.

6. Repeat the process for all Stock Items.


If you have OpenOffice installed on your system, you may double-click in the Description field of any language, to launch OpenOffice Writer/Web.

Write your text and use OpenOffice to format your text, etc., if necessary.

Once finished, click the OK button to transfer your text to the Description field.