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Multi-Language Plugin - Add Translations to Types

Article Index

Add Translations to Types

The names or descriptions for Types, as entered / edited in the Setup Tools Customise Language menu Types tab, are by default displayed on screens, lookups, documents, reports, etc.


To use multi-language Types, Language Groups need to be created / added in the Setup → Groups menu - Languages tab.

1. Document Types (Action → Documents menu).

a) Invoices

b) Credit Notes

c) Quotes

d) Purchases

e) Supplier Returns

f) Orders


If you need to print the Universal Document layout files (One (1) Layout file for all document types), it is recommended that these Document Type Types be edited and / or translated to the singular. The following files will print the document type in the plural (if it is not changed to the singular):

LabelID906276 - Document layout (10 codes)

LabelID906277 - Document layout (15 codes)

LabelID906278 - Document layout (No codes)

For example if you print an Invoice, it should display Invoice and not Invoices on the printed layout file.

2. Account Types

a) General Ledger Accounts

b) Debtor

c) Creditor

d) Bank Accounts

e) Tax Accounts

3. Group Types

a) Account Group 1

b) Account Group 2

c) Debtor Group 1

d) Debtor Group 2

e) Creditor Group 1

f) Creditor Group 2

g) Stock Group 1

h) Stock Group 2

i) Document Group 1

j) Document Group 2

k) Payment Types Group

l) Salesperson Group

m) Status Group (Used for Projects)

n) Cost Group 1 (Used for Cost Centres)

o) Cost Group 2 (Used for Cost Centres)

p) Languages

4. Paper Types

a) Preprinted

b) Plain A4

c) Service

d) Plain Eyeline

e) Forty

f) Till Slip

5. Other / Miscellaneous

a) This Year

b) Last Year

c) Stock Item

d) Comment

e) Serial Number

f) Financial Entry

6. User Reports


Not applicable to TurboCASH5 

a) Account

b) Blank

c) Column Line 1

d) Group1

e) Group1 Detail

f) Group2

g) Group2 Detail

h) Single Line

i) Text

j) Budget

k) Formula

7. Colours and Theme Types


It is not necessary to translate the colours, (i.e. Classic, Pastel, Keywest, NewSA and Windows Default). These are not used in TurboCASH5.

To Add Translations to Types:

1. Go to Setup → Tools → Customise Language menu.

2. Click on the Types tab.   

3. Select the Language and enter the Name and Description for each language.

4. Repeat the process for all Types.

5. Click on the Rest tab.

6. For the Description of Zero account, select the Language and enter the Name and Description for each language.

7. For the Groups empty description, select the Language and enter the Name and Description for each language.

8. Repeat the process for all Types.

9. Click on the Close button.