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Bank Reconciliations Plugin - Managing Bank Statements

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Managing Bank Statements

Download and Save your Bank Statement

Before you can use this Bank Import Plugin, you need to download your Bank Statement from your financial institution and save it in a valid file format.

When downloading a bank statement; from your bank or financial institution; you may need to:

  • Sequence to list your transactions, e.g. Date, Amount or Description.
  • Select the correct start and end dates, for your requirements.

You may download bank statements for more than one bank account; credit card statements; etc.; provided that:

  • You are registered for online banking at your bank or financial institution.
  • Have a created separate Bank, Credit Card accounts, etc. which is linked to its own Payments and Receipt Journals).

If you have created and use the Petty Cash account as a Bank Account, you may still enter the transactions manually, if required.

List of Supported File Formats

In addition to a various file formats for the Belgium and the Netherlands environment, the following file formats are currently supported for the international banking environments:

  • INT-Simple comma separated column Date dd/mm/yyyy, description, Amount . is thousandseperator.
  • INT 053 CAMT file format')
  • INT-MT940 (algemeen formaat)
  • INT-OFC / OFX standaard
  • INT-OFC / OFX standaard 2
  • INT-OFX bankexport
  • INT-PayPal
  • INT-QIF format

If your bank or financial institution's available file formats, is not currently supported (cannot be imported in this Bank Import Plugin), please send us one downloaded file, and we will implement support for your bank or financial institution's bank statement format.